Chuck, I want you to know that I have never met an individual who could match your exemplary traits of character, integrity, and wisdom. Daniel Moore, Florida Association of Accredited Private Schools (FAAPS)

Chuck, you are a healer, a conciliator, a facilitator and generally speaking a nice guy, and those qualities served Florida well.  Thomas ‘Tom’ A. Horkan, Jr., Esq. Executive Director Emeritus, Florida Catholic Conference

Chuck, I have particularly admired your way of working for substance, not for headlines…and for listening rather than simply talking — traits that are all too rare in the politically charged arena of the nation’s capitol.” Robert Spivey Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges

Thank you for all the effort you have put into securing equitable educational services for the students of private schools.   Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church of North & South America

Your counsel, advice and suggestions have been of inestimable value to our school many times. I know you are highly qualified both by experience, capability and personality to deal with the private school sector. Your impressive background of training, education and achievements is evidenced in your successful handling of liaison and problem solving in this area.

Personally, I find you warm, understanding, liberal and of excellent character. You have the rare ability to work smoothly and effectively with people of varied beliefs and backgrounds. Rabbi Alexander Gross, Dean, Hebrew Academy of Greater Miami

Your service to the home schooling community has truly blazed a trail. You really saw to it that homeschoolers were not ignored in the  Department’s thinking. The countless times you helped us with projects large and small shall never be forgotten. Michael P. Farris, Founder, Home School Legal Defense Association

You have had such a profound impact on parochial and private schools in Florida and throughout the country that I thought this would be a good time to express to you our appreciation and recognition of your work. In saying this I certainly don’t suggest that your efforts will cease, as surely over the coming years you will continue to exert your influence on behalf of children in these schools, their parents and the schools themselves.

One of your greatest accomplishments has been a demonstration to those in public education and private education of their mutual concerns and their need to support each other. In this, I really think you were one of the first voices, and have continued as the leader in that effort to make us realize that we are all one nation and one people, and that all of the children in this country are our mutual concern regardless of what school they might go to.

Your tenure under three secretaries of education speaks for itself and for your ability to adapt to differing styles of administration. Dr. Joan Bourgeois, Assistant Commissioner for Nonpublic Schools New York State Education Department

You were always a willing listener. You examined each issue that I put before you — and there were many — with a seriousness and purpose that surprised me each time; you made it, in fact, your own issue. You provided advice and direction when asked.  You did not hesitate to use your vast network in the successful resolution of problems. You put a thoughtful mind, a kind heart, and a human face on a position that is, by reason of being a distant bureaucracy to most, a cold, forbidding post.  Pat Montgomery, Home Based Education/ Clonlara School

Your contributions have been many, varied, and constant. But perhaps your greatest asset is the uncanny ability to pull together warring factions and arrive at consensus. One of your most outstanding contributions to the nonpublic schools in this country has been the establishment of cooperative relationships leading to the exchange of information between private and public schools. D. Michael McCarron, Ph.D., Executive Director, Florida Catholic Conference

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